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The IBOS Association is an international banking alliance, focused on providing corporate customers with International Cash Management Solutions. IBOS is based on its 12 members and their subsidiaries, each of which is a leading supplier of local banking services in their domestic markets.

The IBOS offering consists of:

  • Competitive local services at the IBOS bank in the country concerned
  • Meshing of local services into regional, multi-country Cash Management arrangements using the IBOS cross-border services

The offering is brought to the corporate customer via its local member, no doubt an existing relationship bank.

IBOS Association has a central support office in London, which coordinates the streams of work and the processes that make IBOS a network.


Go to this section for:

  • What is IBOS?
  • IBOS’ business proposition
  • Its value to the corporate customer
  • Its value to its members
  • Its structure
  • Frequently asked questions

Go to this section for an overview of the regions and countries in which IBOS services are available. Find there also a summary of the pitfalls in the local banking environments and why deep local expertise is required.


Go to this section for an overview of the membership levels in IBOS and their rationale. Find there also a summary of the each IBOS bank and their local capabilities – engineered to meet the challenges of the local environment.


Go to this section for an overview of the IBOS services that enable multi-country Cash Management solutions to be constructed. IBOS facilitates a direct meshing of in-country activity with a regional scheme, without the need for “conduit” or “overlay” banks as well.


Go to this section for an overview of the processes and streams of work that are carried on by the IBOS banks under the coordination of the IBOS central office. They represent a clear commitment by the IBOS banks to act as a network and to provide consistent and high-quality service to one another.


Go to this section for an overview of the web-based tools that have been developed and are used by the IBOS banks to execute the processes agreed between them, such as for Implementation Tracking and for Fault Resolution, and which are then overseen by the IBOS central office.

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IBOS Membership

The prime benefit of membership is the ability to tap into an existing and well-run network of major banks, and to bring the resulting attractive offering to customers.

The commitments needed from the member are on five levels:

  • A financial contribution to the budget of the IBOS Association’s central office in London
  • IT and Operational expenditure needed to implement the IBOS services to the specified level, and then to run them in production
  • Allocation of staff to certain designated roles for the purposes of the IBOS business model, such as taking inward referrals, dealing with faults in production, and ensuring the bank’s data as held on the IBOS website is up-to-date
  • Attendance of staff at the regular meetings of the Workstream in which they are operative, including preparation and follow-up actions
  • Willingness to host meetings of the Workstreams

The IT and Operational expenditure is limited for banks who are up-to-date on adopting SWIFT user guidelines, and in whose country banking is done on a real-time and same-day basis as a matter of course.

Likewise, the roles for which staff need to be nominated may not always be full time and can be combined with analogous activities towards the bank’s own operations and other correspondents.